We offer large suites and bungalows, designed to accommodate a variety of tastes. Hotel Quelitales is a world-renowned restaurant, with first-class service and menu options and spectacular mountain views.

The best destination for Birdwatching

Enjoy watching hundreds of birds from your suite’s balcony or on one of our mountain trails. We offer guide services with nature experts, with previous reservation. Hotel Quelitales is paradise for birdwatchers.Our garden provides a home for hundreds of birds; here, the wildlife is abundant.


Hotel Quelitales

Hotel Quelitales, an authentic, up-scale hotel in the mountains of Cartago, is paradise for birdwatchers. We carefully plan each detail to assure that your stay is the best it can be. This is why we have won awards for our hospitality for the last consecutive years.

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First class service

 Hotel Quelitales-best Hotel Reservations in Cartago to birdwatchers in a Suite